Warehousing Services

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Warehouse is part of a logistics system for storage of goods (raw materials, parts, semi-finished goods, finished goods) in and between the origin and destination as well as provide information to management about the status, condition, and disposition of goods being stored (Stock & Lambert, 2001)

Warehouse needed in the process of coordinating the distribution of goods, which emerged as a result of the imbalance of supply and demand. Imbalance between supply and demand process encourages inventory (inventory). Inventories need the space as a temporary storage area called the warehouse.

Efficient warehouse is a warehouse capable of suppressing the cost of treatment, but not so easy to reduce the cost of maintenance of the warehouse, warehousing even relative to cost 40-60% of the total cost of the supply chain, such as the amount is not an amount slightly, the warehouse can cost as this is because the barn in need of care, so that the contents of the warehouse will not be damaged.

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Warehouse storage materials for this production is very complicated, ranging from layout, room temperature until the matter how many lights are used in the warehouse is very necessary in the notice. From this cause the barn really must be considered complex.

Warehouse basically has four functions, namely :

  • 1. Manufacturing Support
  • 2. Product Mixing
  • 3. Consolidation
  • 4. Break Bulk