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In Latin logistics comes from the word meaning logisticus numeracy. In general it can be said that logistics is a stream of goods or services from the original source to destination. More details can be explained logistics is the process of planning, implementing and controlling an efficient and effective flow of goods or services and related information from the starting point to the destination point to meet customer needs

Broadly speaking, the logistics is an activity stream of goods from point of origin to point of destination with the right amount of goods, the right time, the right location and the right costs. Own logistics activities include the procurement, storage, supply, transportation, warehousing, packaging, safety and handling of goods and services both in the form of raw materials or finished goods.

Logistics also allows the purchasing process by delivering the product to the hands of users. Logistics plays an important role in determining the competitiveness of an organization. The competitiveness of the two dimensions of excellence terdapar value (subscription not buy products but buying value) and cost advantages (each activity costs).

Logistics is not only happening in the organization called the supply chain. Supply chain logistics network is interconnected and managed by several companies. Why so difficult logistics network management implemented, although the real benefits? There are three reasons:

  • 1. Differences of interest between the actors involved
  • 2. The uncertainty that occurs along the supply chain.
  • 3. The hassle of logistics systems is increasing not only the type and quantity of goods but also include regulatory and technological developments.

To solving logistical problems require interdisciplinary skills. Management planning, control and improvement of logistics systems. In economics the necessary allocation of scarce resources and an efficient trading system. Therefore, dialogue and communication between logistics players are required to enable the exchange of ideas occurs form and commitment in the improvement of logistics as a whole.

Source : Wikipedia Indonesia