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About Us

About Us

FAB Enterprises is the fourth party logistics company (4PL) serving logistics, warehousing, supply chain and consultants. The main characteristics of the companies engaged in the 4PL logistics industry is not concentrating on asset ownership or warehouses, but more focused on solutions, systems, and management software. We are here not as a competitor to similar companies that have been present long before us. We present to enliven the splendor of the world of logistics, trade, supply chain and consultants. For that we have prepared themselves by skilled in their fields.

FAB Enterprises focuses on customer satisfaction, therefore we are committed to always providing the best service and timely. One way is to create a working environment that is safe, comfortable and appreciated contribution to the human resources we have. For the long term we want to participate in national economic development efforts to assist the government in the economic improvement of the people with the distribution of goods for people to every corner of the country at an affordable price.

FAB Enterprises able to facilitate the demand for logistics, trade, supply chain and consultant of national and international companies. The owner and founder of FAB Enterprises has more than 20 years experience in this business. The owner began his career as a sailor, working in executive positions with the operation and management of shipping and logistics company, and also to manufacturing companies that use the services of shipping and logistics company. He has the insight and expertise that is very good in the logistics business. He has worked with national and international companies.

FAB Enterprises has successfully collaborated with great perusahaan2 and business partners. This collaboration is based on a strong belief in the business relationship between FAB Enterprises and business partners. Establishment of trust between FAB Enterprises and its business partners are determined by a number of factors, among others:

1. Objectively speaking or telling the truth with transparency.

2. Show respect and show loyalty.

3. Correct mistakes and Fulfill commitments.

4. Listen first and give confidence.

5. Clarify expectations and deliver results.

6. Face reality and get better.

7. Be accountable.


Being an integrated logistics services company, the widest and best in Indonesia and is able to provide solutions and reliable.


Increase the value of the company through the network, modern infrastructure and diversify and Committed to customers to provide a service that is always on time and the best value.

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Our head office in Surabaya. To view the complete address please see the Contact Us page, where we provide a map for those of you who want to come directly to the office, whether from Surabaya or outside Surabaya.

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